Asif Djet

Head of the Bazaar's Thieves Guild


Looks like a beggar with missing teeth and bad hygiene. Extremely intelligent and occasionally ruthless.

+5 Deceive
+4 Skulduggery, Will
+3 Contacts, Resources
+2 Athletics, Shoot
+1 Rapport, Notice, Empathy

Ear to the Ground- use Contacts in place of Notice within the Bazaar.
My Boys would like to Talk to You- use Skulduggery in place of Provoke if the target knows who he is.
Know your Home- +2 to all defense and athletics rolls to escape in the Bazaar.

Head of the Bazaar’s Thieves Guild
We Steal, We Don’t Kill
It’s More of a Guideline than a Code Really


Asif Djet

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