Matta Iseph

Madam of the Zusu Jewel


Heavy-set, middle-aged woman, she is secretly sphinx-blooded and much more dangerous than she looks.

+5 Sphinxblood
+4 Rapport, Resources
+3 Notice, Will
+2 Empathy, Lore
+1 Physique, Fight

Popular- Use Rapport in place of Contacts in her brothel and surrounding areas.
Riddled Mind- Use Sphinxblood in place of Will for Mental Stress boxes. 1 Armor in Mental combat.
Poison Tongue- Use Sphinxblood to attack. Can spit poison at anyone in the same zone. Target uses Physique to defend.
Smooth (Serpent) Tongue- Spend a Fate point to use Sphinxblood in place of any social skill for one scene. (Deceive, Empathy, Provoke, Rapport)

Madam of the Zusu Jewel, the biggest brothel in Zusu.
Secrets are my Business
Always Looking for a few Good Men
We Protect our Own


Matta Iseph

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