Aspects and Skills

Ath-Thurayya, like all regions, has a cultural flavor represented in Aspects and favored Skills.

From a historical- Earth perspective, Ath-Thurayya combines elements of ancient Egypt and the middle East. The main culture, centered on the Zusu Delta is reminiscent of Alexandrian Egypt, but there are also pieces of Persian influence similar to the various Prince of Persia, Sindbad, and Aladdin stories. In addition, there is a coastline settlement that is reminiscent of North African/ Carthage, the high desert nomads similar to Bedouin tribes, a canyon culture with elements of the Southwestern US Anasazi, and an island pirate culture with ties to the Caribbean pirates of the 16-17th centuries.

(See Geography and Cultures pages for more information)

Aspects: (just some possible ideas)
“Land of Mystery”
“Smile with your right hand, keep your left on you purse”
“Secrets are worth their weight in gold”
“From beggar to prince, and back again”
“Shifting sands hide the past….and the future”

Skills: The idea here is that you can tell as much about a culture by the skills and abilities they honor as you can by a list of Aspects. Ath-Thurayyan culture is filled with stories of quick-witted beggar princes that confound the guard and merchants and trick their way into secret hordes, solving riddles and saving damsels along the way. These are entirely different than the stories that are told in Jotanheim, for example, and are a window into what the culture values.

So, the five skills most honored in Ath-Thurraya are:


Aspects and Skills

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