The Anansi-Blooded

You may use the Blooded skill to recognize other Anansi-Bloods. The skill can also be used instead of Athletics for feats of climbing, swinging, and rope use. The skill can be used to Defend against Attacks and attempts to Create an Advantage based on poisons and toxins. Blooded might be used as a prerequisite to unlock Anansi-Blood keyed traps, doors, wards, etc. In addition, pick one of the following flavors: you can pick more at the cost of one stunt or refresh each.

Stunts Requiring the Blooded (Anansi-Blooded) Skill

Leap of the Spider: Gain a +2 bonus to Athletics for jumping, tumbling, or surviving a fall.

Spider’s Climb: You may defy gravity by clinging to wall and ceilings like a spider. When lifting weights while clinging, rooting oneself, or moving along difficult surfaces, you must make a Blooded roll.

Spider’s Venom: You may turn your blood, saliva, sweat, or other bodily fluids (shut up, Steve) into a variety of deadly poisons. You may Attack with your Blooded skill to represent a deadly touch attack. You may also use Blooded to Create an Advantage by smearing some poison on a weapon. If you get a second free tag (or if you spent Fate to continue tagging the Aspect), then your poison is likely still at work within the target, or perhaps it lingers on your weapon when you strike a second foe.

The Anansi-Blooded

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