The Esoteric Order of the Luminous Desert Dawn

The Order is a band of nomad mystics who travel the deserts of Ath-Thurayya. They study the Lore of the Sands and have developed their own type of petty magic. With it, adepts can summon water from a stone, summon a small sandstorm to mask their passage or travel unerringly over the trackless dunes.
The teachers of the Order don’t ignore the physical training of their students; athletics and fighting with the khopesh are also taught.
The Blood of the Sphinx is not unknown to the Order. The Blooded are welcomed in their ranks.
When a Master deems a student ready, the student is recognized as an Adept and sent to “tread the dunes” to travel the land and learn by first hand experience.

Common Order of the Luminous Desert Dawn Stunt:

  • Dervish Dance: + 2 to Athletics to Create an Advantage based on confusion or distraction.


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