Sphinxblood Race

Racial Skill: (Sphinxblood)
You may use the Sphinxblood skill to recognize other Sphinxbloods. Also, the skill can be used in place of Lore to decipher puzzles and riddles. The skill could be used to defend against supernatural attacks from other Sphinxbloods (GM’s discretion) and might be used as a prerequisite to unlock giant blood-keyed traps, doors, wards, etc. In addition, pick one of the following flavors: you can pick more at the cost of one stunt or refresh each.

Sphinx Mark: The Sphinx mark is a living, changing thing; a puzzle on the flesh to be unraveled and uncovered. Sphinxbloods are born with a simple hieroglyph, but when they are activated with Materia, the mark comes alive and rarely looks the same way twice. Becoming stronger as a Sphinxblood and uncovering new powers usually requires gaining some new insight into the Mark and its meaning.

I Hold the Secrets of the Sand, Desert-dwellers are Hard to Kill, Magic in the Blood, Inheritor of Ancient Treasures, The Mind is the Most Dangerous Weapon

• The Gift of Tongues: Spend a Fate point to speak any language for one scene.
• Written in the Blood: Use Sphinxblood instead of Lore for any information relating to Sphinxbloods, Ath-Thurayya chimera, riddles, puzzles, etc. This knowledge is innate and does not require research.
• Ritual Magic: Use Sphinxblood to cast ritual spells using your own blood instead of Materia. This magic can accomplish any of the four actions, but takes more time and often comes at the cost of a Stress or Consequence (especially for more powerful spells)
• Sphinx Attack: You have an unusual attack form (poison, sand-blast, dehydration, insect swarm). Use Sphinxblood in place of Fight or Shoot to attack. Range is usually 2 zones. It is possible for these attacks to use a different skill for defense- Physique and Survival make sense for certain attacks. (All changes of this nature must be approved by the GM)
• Scorpion Sting: You have a natural weapon (stinger, tail, spike, claws, etc.) Use Fight to attack as normal, but counts as Weapon: 2
• Chitin: You may use Sphinxblood instead of Physique to determine your physical stress and consequences, and count as having Armor: 1
• Call of the Blood: Establish a mental link for the purposes of communication with another Sphinxblood. If the target resists, use Sphinxblood vs. Sphinxblood or Will.
• Riddled Mind: You many use Sphinxblood instead of Will to determine your mental stress and consequences, and count as having Armor: 1 vs. mental attacks.
• Sand-dweller: In the confines of Ath-Thurayya, you do not make Survival checks to avoid damage from most natural causes. Outside of Ath-Thurayya, you get a +2 to Survival checks to find food, water and shelter.
• Cloak of Shadows: Use Sphinxblood in place of Skullduggery for sneaking and hiding.
• Cloud Men’s Minds: As a form of suggestion, use Sphinxblood to place aspects on a person. As normal, if successful, you get one free invocation on that Aspect.
*Illusionists: (requires Cloud Men’s Mind): If you succeed with style on a suggestion, you get two free invocations and the Aspect becomes a full situational aspect that others can use and lasts for at least a full scene, maybe longer.

Sphinxblood Race

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